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Program Director – New Initiatives (Part Time)

Job Details:-

Hiring Organization: Apartment Life

Position Name:  Program Director – New Initiatives (Part Time)

Qualification: Graduation

Industry: Private

Employment Type:  part_time

Work Hours: 8

Salary: $20 To $30/An Hour

Location: Remote, US

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Program Director – New Initiatives (Part Time) Description:

The Program Director will be responsible for creating and leading a consistent, excellent Apartment Life experience for coordinators and clients with Apartment Life (AL) in the Strategic Initiatives division serving Senior Adult Services, Concierge Services, and additional pilot programs.
This leader will be passionate about the vision and mission of AL and combine this passion with skill to hire and lead teams and coordinators, champion program excellence, and ensure that our clients keenly understand and experience the value of Apartment Life programs. 

Important Details:

    • This position starts at 20 hours per week with potential to grow.
    • This position is fully remote but the Program Director must be able to serve programs that are in various time zones.
    • Bachelor’s Degree preferred.  
    • 2 to 5+ years of experience in leadership development, project management, and client account management experience preferred. 

PROGRAM EXCELLENCE: Program excellence is core to the work of Apartment Life. Program directors manage fully integrated programs, understanding and working towards our mission and business outcomes.

    • Follow Apartment Life’s Program Management Service Steps.
    • Provide quality, timely training for new teams/coordinators during their first 120 days of service. 
    • Ensure teams/coordinators are completing the services selected by the community, including elements such as hosting irresistible events and other product-specific service. Products served will include Senior Adult Services, Concierge Services, and additional pilot programs.
    • Ensure teams/coordinators produce quality summaries and highlights for management and their support team. Review and analyze summaries. Provide coaching, solid direction and accountability for them to effectively meet community and Apartment Life goals.
    • Provide ongoing resources, support and training to the teams/coordinators to maximize impact.
    • Monitor and approve timely event budget program process.
    • Project the backfill need 120 days prior to the team’s/coordinator’s end-of-term and actively work with the them, a supporting church, and other recruiting avenues to ensure a backfill is available to transition the program.

LEADERSHIP & DEVELOPMENT: Program directors prioritize a healthy connection with their teams/coordinators through leadership, development, and accountability.

    • Lead through example and demonstrating authenticity, passion, and joy and a personal commitment to excellence.
    • Conduct behavioral interviews to ensure that teams/coordinators with the calling, character, and competency to provide excellent service are approved.
    • Purposefully keep the mission of Apartment Life in front of teams/coordinators.
    • Effectively develop and creatively resource teams/coordinators through monthly group meetings and individual one-on-one meetings.
    • Proactively engage in quarterly planning process that includes key calendar events, vision casting, celebrating, training/development, and leveraging support teams.
    • Strategically view individual program results; coach towards excellence, impact, and reaching goals. Create and communicate development plans for underperformance; walk through conflict resolution, as necessary.
    • Ensure that teams/coordinators are good stewards and fulfill all commitments/agreements (i.e. timely payment of financial commitments, completion of their service commitment, etc.).
    • Receive and apply team/coordinator feedback in the program director’s 360 process that indicates strength and growth as a leader in character, competence and culture.  

CLIENT RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT: Program directors view our clients strategically and maintain effective relationships with them.

    • Foster a relationship with property managers and regional managers. This includes timely meetings, personal communication, and effectively communicating the value of Apartment Life to clients. 
    • Create an effective relationship between the team/coordinator and each client through meeting client expectations, effective personal communication, timely and excellent summaries/highlights, and conflict resolution, as needed.
    • Ensure that clients fulfill all commitments as outlined in their agreements (i.e. timely payment of monthly fee, completion of the 1-year term, etc.).
    • Proactively develop and communicate strategies with the team/coordinator to ensure program excellence and provide immediate service recovery when problems arise.   
    • Work with the team/coordinator to highlight the opportunities with a church/outreach groups to see the value of Apartment Life, engage the team/coordinator, recruit teams/coordinators, and further foster a support team.

DIVISIONAL TEAM CULTURE: Program directors have the privilege of working on a team staff dedicated to the Strategic Initiatives Division and the areas it serves. Each staff member has core responsibilities that contribute to the success of the division. Program directors should have an understanding of how to work in a team atmosphere.

    • Embrace and model Apartment Life’s core values; reinforce core values with teams/coordinators. Foster an environment in which core values can be “lived out.”  
    • View individual goals as part of the overall divisional goals and strategy for recruiting, growth, people impact, client relationships, and operations.
    • Work cooperatively with sales team members on recruiting and use connections with current clients to open doors for new opportunities.
    • Ensure administration is consistent and effective; provide timely communication and meet deadlines to promote overall regional success. 
    • Work across multiple product lines including Affordable Housing, Student Housing, and Senior Living, and collaborate effectively with leaders of each product.

SUCCESS FACTORS: One of our organizational principles is to define corporate, regional, and individual goals to maintain a united focus on the vision and mission of Apartment Life and to ensure all employees have a clear picture of success for their region and specific position. The critical success factors for this role include:

    • Model Apartment Life’s core values and adhere to best practice. 
    • Ensure collective performance of teams/coordinators led by the program director including meeting regional goals, and program success indicated by satisfied clients and teams/coordinators serving to full tenure.

COMPETENCIES: The physical and mental competencies necessary to execute the requirements and be successful in this role are:

    • Communication skills (verbal/written/listening)
    • People management skills
    • Time-management/organization
    • Multiple account management
    • Conflict resolution
    • Professionalism
    • Tech/computer skills including typing

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Apartment Life – Program Director – New Initiatives (Part Time)

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